Accept payments.
Just like that.

Account-to-account payment solutions for you to receive instant and safe payments from your customers. Almost radically easy.

Why choose Zimpler deposits?

Zimpler Go

A powerful package of Instant Deposits, Instant Payouts and Customer Identification & Data, for maximum results.

  • Lightning fast registration
  • Instant transfer of funds
  • Embedded KYC & AML

Instant Deposits

Get paid. Now. With this solution, your customers pay you instantly from their bank account, without the need for cards.

  • Instant transfer of funds
  • Embedded KYC & AML
  • High transaction limit.

Recurring Payments

This solution lets you offer a variety of standing charge plans to suit all needs, all equally seamless for you and your customers.

  • Scheduled payments
  • Easy direct debit mandate signing
  • Embedded KYC & AML